Twitter to launch longer word count posts

Twitter has confirmed it is working on a way to write longer posts on its platform.

Confirming the details in a Tweet, the social media giant said it is testing a new feature called Notes which will enable users to make posts beyond the traditional 280-word limit up to a maximum of 2,500 words.

Beyond the boosted word count, Notes will also enable: embedding photos, videos, GIFs, and Tweets; publishing Notes, readable on and off Twitter; editing Notes, pre and post-publish; and a Notes tab on users’ profiles that will hold their published work.

The feature is being trialled in a test period which is being run for two months and involves a small group of writers in Canada, Ghana, the UK and US.

“These writers will be using the first iteration of Notes, letting us know what they like and are frustrated by, while publishing things that show all the different ways Notes can be used,” Twitter said in their announcement.

The company added: “Since the company's earliest days, writers have depended on Twitter to share their work, get noticed, be read, create conversation — everything but the actual writing,”

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