Deliveroo offers delivery tech to supermarkets

Deliveroo is offering its picking and inventory management technology to supermarkets for the first time.

This will mean that grocery retailers can facilitate rapid delivery direct from store.

West London’s Supermarket of Dreams will be the first supermarket to be part of Deliveroo HOP’s new business model.

Deliveroo HOP is the company’s grocery delivery service, which traditionally provides rapid delivery from delivery-only sites owned and managed by Deliveroo.

The new model will see Deliveroo offer both its expertise and technology to grocery partners so they can facilitate rapid delivery from retail sites.

“We’ve learned a lot about rapid grocery deliveries since the launch of Deliveroo HOP and can now make our quick commerce technology available to even more of our grocery partners, both large and small, to deliver even higher quality service to customers,” said Stephen Goldstein, executive vice president global head of grocery and Deliveroo HOP. “We are pleased to launch this partnership with Supermarket of Dreams - whether you’re after a platter of handcrafted sushi, a restaurant meal kit or the freshest fish and premium quality meat, you can now get artisan groceries delivered to your door within minutes.”

Deliveroo launched its Deliveroo HOP service last year and delivers from around 6,000 grocery stores in the UK.

The announcement follows the company opening several delivery-only sites in Bristol, Cambridge, and Milan.

“Our goal with Supermarket of Dreams has always been to curate a range of the best that London has to offer, and now with Deliveroo’s technology, processes, and rider network we can bring that offering to customers across West London within minutes,” said Chris D’Sylva, founder of Supermarket of Dreams and Notting Hill Fish & Meat Shop.

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